Apple Juice

Welcome to our new website telling you all about our fruit juice range.

Our "Hampshire Apple Juice" is made from Hampshire grown dessert and culinary fruit, sourced from around the county, from the local orchards of Blackmoor farm near us in Selborne, right across the county to the Leckford Estate near Stockbridge, taking in many small, privately owned orchards in between.

Freshly picked fruit makes the best apple juice, and by working closely with our orchards, we can ensure our juice is always of a high quality, as the apples are often picked specifically for our apple juice.

We also use apples that are too big or too small for the supermarkets. Rather than these apples being simply thrown away, we press these apples, as they taste as good as any you?d buy! By utilising the surplus fruit grown locally, we can dramatically reduce the "food miles" our apples travel.

Our apple juice consists mainly of Cox and Royal Gala, with seasonal variations added which include:

  • Bramley
  • Russet
  • Discovery
  • Braeburn
  • Worcester Pearmain
  • Spartan

(depending on the time of year).

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ? our juice contains
NO added sugar, NO added chemicals,
NO added flavours, NO added preservatives etc.
In fact the ONLY thing in our apple juice is APPLES!